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TACAC, RMACAC, GPACAC Super Conference

Counselor Card Swap

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How the Card Swap Will Work

1. Create Your Virtual Business Card
Complete the registration form below. After you submit, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your personalized Zoom Meeting link and the link to your virtual business card.

2. Join the Zoom Meeting on Monday, April 12 at 1:00 PM Central
There will be a short introduction then we’ll open breakout rooms for each participating college to host. Counselors and other participants can choose which rooms they’d like to visit. Add to calendar

3. Share Your Virtual Business Card
When you enter the breakout room, copy and paste your Virtual Business Card link in the chat, just like you would exchange business cards in-person. The recipient will be able to view your profile and connect with you. Don’t forget to check out each other’s ice breaker fun facts!



Not all fields are required, but the more information you can provide, the better connections you’ll be able to make! You’ll also be added to a directory of all participants you’ll be able to browse.

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