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Virtual College Fairs

Helping students connect virtually with colleges

StriveScan 6x6 Virtual College Fair

StriveScan’s 6×6 Virtual College Fair™

StriveScan’s 6×6 Virtual College Fair™ format consists of six colleges each presenting for six minutes. It is designed to closely replicate an in-person college fair browsing experience. 

Representatives will be assigned by the Fair Coordinator to a session of six colleges to each present during a webinar session. The session will last a total of 45 minutes. Students can interact with reps from all six colleges throughout the 45-minute session via the Q&A chat.

Example Session
Introduction (1 minute)
College 1 (6 minutes)
College 2 (6 minutes)
College 3 (6 minutes)
College 4 (6 minutes)
College 5 (6 minutes)
College 6 (6 minutes)
Final Q&A (3-5 minutes)

Time Slot Assignments

After college registration closes, the Fair’s Coordinator will assign colleges to a specific session time slot and presentation order within that session.

Your time slot assignment and grouping with other colleges are at the sole discretion of the Fair Coordinator. If you have any special considerations, please note them in the registration form, but accommodations cannot be guaranteed and registration fees are non-refundable. 

StriveScan Virtual College Fair Schedule

The schedule may expand or contract depending on the total number of colleges that register

Time Commitment

About one hour. Representatives are required to join the webinar 10 minutes prior to the session’s start time for a rollcall and technology check prior to the broadcast. A StriveScan representative will be on the webinar to check you in and provide assistance.

Representatives are required to stay throughout the entire session, even after your formal presentation is over. Students may ask questions of you throughout the session.

Each college will have six minutes to present. We ask that all representatives be cognizant of your time and respectful of your colleagues. A StriveScan representative will be keeping time and ensuring everyone sticks to their schedule. The session must end after 45 minutes to allow for the next session.


Student (and Counselor) Registration

Students are encouraged to register for multiple sessions. Once students register, they’ll receive an email with a link to join the session. Reminders will be sent one day and one hour before. High school counselors, IECs, and other professionals will also be able to register and attend, too.


Student (and Counselor) Data

At the end of the fair, all six colleges will receive the data for every student who registered for their particular session. Registration data is collected by StriveScan and exports will be in the same data format as other StriveScan college fairs. Colleges will also receive a transcript of all of the Q&A chat from the session to assist with follow up.

If any counselors also participate, their data will also be provided in a separate export file.



Sessions are hosted via Zoom Webinars (not Zoom Meetings) and are provided by StriveScan.

Representatives’ cameras should be on during their portion of the presentation. (Turn off your video and mute yourself until your section.)

Students will be muted and cameras off to avoid disruptions. Students can interact with representatives from all six colleges throughout the 45-minute session via the Q&A chat.

StriveScan has custom configured its Zoom accounts to help prevent “Zoombombing” and to provide a safe and secure experience.



Each college will have six minutes to present. We encourage you to highlight distinctions about your institution and use slides to provide visuals and campus photos.

We do not recommend playing videos or using pre-recorded presentations; the spirit of this program is live. 

Each representative will be able to share their own screen and slides when it’s their time. No slide template is provided. We recommend you turn off any notifications or distractions. 



Students will be able to use the Q&A tool to type questions to the representatives throughout the session.

Students may direct questions to a specific institution or ask general questions to the group. Once one representative has responded, the question will move from the “Open” tab to “Answered,” but may still be answered by any representative.

Warning: Pressing the “Answer Live” or “Type Answer” buttons will display the student’s name, question, and your answer to the entire audience. To avoid sensitive disclosures, we recommend you check the “Send privately” box if the student identifies any personal information. Q&A will not be visible in the recording.

You may not get to every question, so we recommend you set expectations with the audience. Consider having two representatives from each institution: one dedicated to the Q&A and the other who will present during the six minutes then turn attention to the Q&A during the remaining time.

You will receive a transcript of the Q&A, along with the email of the questioner, with the student data. We recommend you follow up after the presentation.


Presenter Changes

Presenter changes are accepted up to 8 days prior to the 6×6 virtual fair. Email [email protected] Include: Name of the Fair, Your Institution, Dates, Presenter Name, Title, Email Address.

Changes after this point? Simply forward your presenter email/link to the new presenter(s).


Joining the Fair as a Presenter

Presenters will receive an email with a unique link to join the presentation. Be on the lookout for your presenter email 7 days prior to the virtual fair. The banner on the email will help you distinguish which fair the link is for.



  • Your institution’s time slot assignment(s) will be provided by the fair host.
    • Date, Session Time, Grouping, Order
  • Your time commitment is approximately one hour per fair.
  • Join the webinar 10 minutes before your time slot.
  • Each institution is allowed 6 minutes – be cognizant of your time.
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes.
  • Presenter changes must be received 8 days prior to your session ([email protected])
  • Be on the lookout for your presenter email 7 days prior to your session.



Payment must be received by credit card at the time of registration. We are unable to accept purchase orders or checks. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Watch the Presenter Training

For representatives who will be participating in a StriveScan 6×6 Virtual College Fair, please prepare by watching our presenter training to understand what to expect.

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