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Virtual presentations for students to explore college opportunities

Free for students & counselors

College Registration

The program has been extended April 27 – May 8

All new time slots are for individual college info sessions 

Registration Requirements

Please review these procedures and requirements before submitting your registration:

No Incomplete Submissions
Please complete all required fields in full.

Registration Period
Registration will open on Friday, April 17, at 12:00 PM noon Central Daylight Time. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We expect time slots to fill up quickly.

Timeslots are not guaranteed. There may be a slight delay in the real-time availability of when you load the form and when you submit it.

Presentation Format
During Week 1 of the program (April 20-23), all sessions are panel presentations with three or more colleges presenting together on a topic. During Weeks 2 and 3 (April 27-May 8), individual colleges may present their own dedicated information sessions.

Dedicated International Day: Monday, May 4
To provide the best experience for students seeking international experiences, all universities located outside of the United States are being featured exclusively on Monday, May 4, our dedicated international day.

Registration Limit
Due to a finite number of time slots and to provide students a diverse selection of colleges, each institution is limited to registering for one time slot throughout Weeks 2 and 3 of the program (April 27-May 8). This limit includes the international admissions offices, any branches, campuses, programs, schools, or affiliates of the main campus as part of the same institution–please coordinate with your main undergraduate admissions office to register.

If your institution is participating in a panel presentation during Week 1 of the program (April 20-23), your institution may still register for one time slot to present an information session during Weeks 2 and 3 (April 27-May 8).

Eligibility to Participate
All institutions must be regionally accredited, postsecondary, degree-granting institutions. Vendors, CBOs, military recruiters, ROTC officers, and other organizations cannot be accommodated.

Session Duration
All sessions begin at the top of each hour and are 45 minutes long. We recommend that approximately 30 minutes be allocated for prepared materials with 15 minutes for questions and answers.

Payment must be received by credit card at the time of registration. Time slots will not be reserved without payment. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Frequently asked questions

Session Registration

This form is exclusively invite-only.
Registrations submitted that have not been invited will be canceled. 

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