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RACC Event Tool Kit

Students register at

Student Registration Materials

Student & Family Registration Email Language

Use this language in your promotion of the fair to students and families. This lets them know that they should register for a barcode for the event and provides them with information on how to do so.

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Registration Handouts & Flyers

Use the materials below to incorporate barcode registration into your fair promotion. These materials can be helpful both in advance of your fair, and day of the event. As students arrive for your fair, we recommend asking, “Do you have a barcode?” If they do not, provide them with one of the handouts below and direct them to sign up.


How can I track how many students are registered for my event?

Your RACC Vice Chair has shared access to a dashboard via email to track registrations for your event. If you’re unable to access your dashboard, please send us an email at  [email protected].

What if a student doesn't have a phone?

Students can register on their phone or any device that connects to the internet: laptop computer, tablet, iPad, Chromebook, etc. Once registered, students are able to print their barcode and scan from the printed barcode. Our team is happy to share your students’ barcodes with you as a PDF prior to the event. Reach out to our team at [email protected] to request a PDF.

What if a student loses their barcode?

Students are able to resend their barcode at any point using the “Resend My Barcode” link at the top right-hand corner of Once they enter the email address or phone number associated with their registration, their barcode will be resent!

How does StriveScan handle student data?

Privacy and security are StriveScan’s top priorities. StriveScan maintains strict privacy restrictions and only shares personally identifiable student information with the institutions that the student consents or allows to scan their barcode, their school counselors, and the event coordinators. StriveScan does not sell or share student data with other third-parties. You can find our full privacy and security policy here.

Where can I find my fair's 4-digit unlock code?

The college rep unlock code for all RACC events is 1989. All of the representatives attending your event will receive the code from RACC prior to your event as well. You do not need to share this code with students or parents attending your event.

Who can I reach out to with additional questions?

You can reach our team at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!

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