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Generation Z College Admission Students

NACAC Calls Generation Z “Mobile and App-Native”

NACAC’s latest edition of the Journal of College Admission calls Generation Z “mobile and app-native.”

When communicating with prospective Gen Z students, paperless, mobile, and instant matters. The article shares insights from Peter Kraft, CEO and co-founder of Evolution Labs, that Generation Z’s “lens to the world is a small screen with multiple apps running simultaneously.”

Scanning at college fairs with StriveScan provides that instant, mobile feedback with prospective Gen Z students. They’re looking to interact via their phones and seeking to avoid the hassles of filling out multiple contact cards with each college they speak with.

“They prefer texting.”

Texts Over Email

With Generation Z, the channel of communication is important. “Email is one of their least preferred communications in admission,” said Meghan Grace, co-author of Generation Z Goes to College. “They prefer texting.”

After students register with StriveScan via their phones, StriveScan sends the students their barcode via text message (and/or email) when they register for a college fair.

Instagram Over Facebook

The article also cites Facebook’s declining popularity among Gen Z and the rise of Instagram. StriveScan offers colleges a way to connect with students via Gen Z’s preferred social networks, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Read the full article: NACAC Journal of College Admission: Instant Generation

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