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Virtual Spring College Fair


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April 6, 2021

5:00-5:45 PM CT

College Planning 101
Designed for both students and parents, this session will help you develop a plan for a successful college search process. Topics to be covered include: how to get started, understanding the various higher education options, strategies for narrowing choices, tips for campus visits, and how to acquire the most accurate and useful information about colleges. Most importantly, the session will provide key recommendations to assist you in finding the best college fit. A panel of high school and college experts will share their expertise and answer your questions.

6:00-6:45 PM CT

Financial Aid and Scholarships 101
This session will take a common sense, easy to understand look at college financial aid and scholarships. This will include: providing a clear overview of the application and eligibility process, the types of aid students may receive, understanding award notices, and options for covering any remaining balance after grants and scholarships. We’ll concentrate on eliminating the jargon that can confuse the process, and focus on common sense goals like finishing in 4 years, and understanding student loans by looking at how the borrowing process works. We’ll also take a moment to discuss the impact of a pandemic on families and financial aid eligibility. Resources for locating and leveraging scholarship funding will also be discussed. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the apprehension and fear often associated with the financial aid process.

7:00-7:45 PM CT

Preparing for College Athletics
Do you dream of playing college athletics and maybe even earning a scholarship? Join us for an informative conversation with experts who can share both their professional and personal experiences with college athletics. Learn about the athletic recruiting process and expectations from a college coach and admissions professional who also was a college athlete. Hear from a high school Athletic Director and coach who will share insight as a parent of an athlete. Understand the importance of high school academics and the college planning timeline from a high school counselor with extensive experience assisting prospective college athletes. This session will prepare you with the knowledge and timeline to effectively prepare yourself for the college athletic recruiting process.

Writing Effective Essays for College & Scholarships
Writing an effective college or scholarship essay is both an art and a science and probably unlike any essay you have ever written for a high school course. During this panel, a college admissions expert will share insight on what makes for a memorable essay while you learn how to showcase yourself and your style from an experienced high school counselor. You’ll leave this session feeling informed, prepared with concrete activities and resources, and confident about writing your essay.

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For questions, contact the MOACAC College Fairs Co-Chairs Andrew Laue and Michelle Luraschi.

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