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Create a College Rep Account

College representatives can register for a new account to use StriveScan

High school students register here


Before you create a new account, does anyone at your institution already have a StriveScan account?

If a colleague from your institution already has a StriveScan account, we encourage you to join the same institution. Being part of the same institution account allows you to share: student information, scan at the same fairs, payment information, and fair credits. Trust us, it’s much easier!

To join your institution’s account, someone needs to invite you.

A colleague who is an Admin User must send you an invitation to join your institution’s account. When they invite you, you will receive an email with a link to create your an account that’s part of your institution. Only register using the link in the email; do not create a new account without using the email link.

How do I get an invitation?

Have a colleague who is an Admin User on your institution’s account log in to our website. Click Your Institution in the left menu, then click Team Members. Have them enter your email address and click Send Invitation. You will receive a link to create a new account that is linked to this same institution. See how to do it. Here’s more information about the process.

What if I already created a new account separate from my colleagues?

Have a colleague who is an Admin User on the main institution account send you an invitation. You will receive an email with an invitation to merge your account into the inviter’s main institution account. More information

What if my institution is brand new to StriveScan?

Welcome! Create a new account

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